Project Overview

BRAC JPGSPH, ICCCAD-IUB and AUW identified systemic challenges to their Public Health Curricula in the interrelated areas of course structure and underskilled faculty with weak professional development systems. In encountering faculty-centered, didactic lecture, rote-learning classrooms, students graduate without the competencies to professionally succeed. The partners recognize the economic imperative for Higher Education transformation to develop successive generations of professionals to positively impact the public health sector. Partners will ultimately invigorate their respective mandates of educational excellence, while averting the impending quality crisis across the Higher Education sector.

The Bangladesh Government has adopted an ‘Employment Growth-led Model’ for the country’s economic uplift, citing sector-based workforce development as its key driver for sustainable employment. This project also explicitly aligns with the Bangladesh Education Policy 2010; the Skills Development Policy 2011; which all identify Competency-based Education and Lifelong Learning; Job Skills Training, Learner-focused Teaching and pedagogy; Continual Faculty Development; and Professional employability and productivity as strategic priorities. Public Health Higher Education must align with these progressive national policies to comprehensively address its systemic deficiencies.

This pioneering tripartite institutional partnership was jointly awarded the prestigious European Union 2018 ERASMUS+ ‘Capacity Building in Higher Education’ Grant for US$ 1 million under ERASMUS+ Keyaction #2: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices: Capacity Building in Higher Education. The project is unique in being the only project awarded in the 2018 proposal period that is being coordinated by Bangladesh. It falls under the three European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students: Ec’s Programme For Education, Training, Youth & Sport: 2014 – 2020.

Specific Challenges faced in Public Health Higher Education

  • Professional Skills Gaps /Mismatch Empathy, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Teamwork
  • Outdated Curriculum / Teaching
  • Shortage Of Trained Faculty
  • Symptomatic Vs. Systemic
  • Global Crisis In Higher Education

Specific Needs in Public Health Higher Education

  • Health Sector Demand-Driven
  • Community-Need Based 4 social determinants of health
  • Engaging Student Learning